Pro Life Michelle

I love working with God's design for my body and helping my body heal itself. I am passionate about natural healing and the amazing natural remedies God has provided for us. After being asked by so many friends and family to send them links to items and books I use to heal myself and my family, and, more importantly, to prevent disease processes, I decided to launch to share what I have done and what I use. Common Sense: I am sharing information about what I do and use. You are in charge of your own health. A high level of personal responsibility and common sense speaks highly of those using them.

One of my favorite natural remedies: Castor Oil Packs

I have been using castor oil packs to speed up my body’s natural healing process, reduce or eliminate pain, moisturize and heal my skin, remove a cyst from my body, as well as help my family with injuries, aches and pains. I have not only read many case studies of the benefits others have experienced using this amazing natural remedy, I now have several years of my own experience using it for myself and my family to earn castor oil packs a firm and often-used spot in my natural healing tool kit. Organic castor oil packs are one of my go-to remedies. I will explain what castor oil is, how I’ve used it and how I make castor oil packs. Click here for the full article.

I always have organic castor oil (in glass bottles, not plastic) on hand. This is one of my favorites: Organic Castor Oil I Use

There are several Organic Castor Oil Options to choose from.

I love using castor oil packs on my liver to aid in detoxification and my lower back to alleviate pain when I experience pain in that region. The easiest pack I have ever used for the abdominal and back areas is this Organic Castor Oil Pack Wrap.

This Wool Flannel Castor Oil Pack is my main go-to. I have one for each family member. They are soft, large enough for our purposes and hold a great amount of castor oil.

I have been using my massive wool flannel pack on my neck to cleanse my thyroid and help with any swollen lymph nodes. It is a bit cumbersome. I will be switching to this organic Castor Oil Pack For Neck and Thyroid.

One of my favorite and most referenced books "Be Your Own Doctor An Informative Guide to Herbal Home Health Care" has an entire chapter on castor oil, along with many other chapters on herbals and real life stories of healing.